Akshaya tritiya marks start of Puri Rath Yatra chariot construction

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Puri, (Reporterspen), May 10: Akshaya Tritiya heralds the beginning of a sacred time in Odisha as the construction of chariots for the renowned Puri Rath Yatra kicks off. Additionally, the auspicious day marks the commencement of the 21-day Chandan Yatra of Lord Jagannath and his divine siblings in the holy city of Puri.

The Chandan Yatra, also known as the Gandhalepana Yatra, stands as the longest festival celebrated at the Jagannath Temple in Puri. During this vibrant event, the revered idols of the temple’s main deities, along with the five Shivalingas known as the Pancha Pandava, embark on a ceremonial procession from the Singhadwara of the Jagannath Temple to the Narendra Tirtha tank.

Following elaborate rituals, the deities are placed on intricately adorned boats for a serene evening cruise of the tank, enhancing the spiritual ambiance.

Simultaneously, as a symbolic commencement of the chariot construction for the Holy Trinity, temple servitors conduct a special ritual at the Rath Khala. Seeking divine guidance, they place the Angya Mala on three wooden pieces. Notably, the construction process involves the engagement of nearly 100 skilled carpenters tasked with crafting the three colossal chariots: the 45-feet-high Nandighosha for Lord Jagannath, the 44-feet-high Taladhwaja for Lord Balabhadra, and the 43-feet-high Debadalana for Devi Subhadra.

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