Amit Shah criticizes Naveen , rejects ‘Tamil Babu’ rule for Odisha

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), May 28: In a scathing rebuke aimed at Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Union Home Minister Amit Shah accused him of attempting to impose a non-resident leader on Odisha, referring to him as a ‘Tamil Babu’. Shah made these remarks while addressing a public gathering in Korei, Jajpur district, to rally support for BJP candidates.

Shah emphasized the historical sacrifices of Odisha’s people and their resistance against Samrat Ashoka, asserting that Naveen Patnaik is endeavoring to install a leader from outside the state as Chief Minister. He condemned the idea of a ‘Tamil CM’, stating that while the people tolerated Naveen Babu for a long time, they would not accept a leader from Tamil Nadu using his name.

During another rally in Chandbali, Bhadrak, Shah criticized the Odisha CM and his administration for allegedly obstructing Odia people from participating in the ‘Ram Mahotsav’ celebrations, insinuating that such actions were unfit for those in power.

Shah further promised that a BJP-led government in Odisha would prioritize the welfare of its citizens, particularly the youth, by creating employment opportunities and addressing issues of neglect.

He highlighted the BJP’s commitment to providing tap water to every household in Odisha within a year, contrasting it with the current statistic of only 3.5% of households having access to tap water.

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