Emergency landing for Bhubaneswar-Delhi Vistara flight after windshield crack

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), May 1: A Bhubaneswar-Delhi Vistara flight made an emergency landing soon after takeoff from Bhubaneswar International Airport on Wednesday. Initial reports suggest that the aircraft’s windshield developed a crack amid a hailstorm that swept through various parts of Odisha.

Bhubaneswar Airport Director Prasanna Pradhan confirmed the incident, noting damage not only to the windshield but also to other parts of the aircraft’s structure.

“The flight took off from Bhubaneswar at approximately 1:45 pm and, within 10 minutes, requested priority landing assistance due to the windshield crack and structural damage,” stated Pradhan.

Despite the alarming situation, the flight managed to land safely without requiring external assistance. All 170 to 180 passengers onboard emerged unscathed.

Passengers are currently awaiting further instructions at the airport, with arrangements underway for another flight to transport them. The departure of the replacement flight is contingent upon necessary repairs, ensuring passenger safety during subsequent travels. Pradhan emphasized that despite the emergency landing, the situation was managed effectively, resulting in a routine landing procedure at the airport.

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