Moquim’s daughter Sofia Firdous likely to contest from Barabati-Cuttack Assembly seat

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), April 24: Amidst uncertainty surrounding Congress leader Mohd. Moquim’s candidacy due to the ORHDC loan scam, there are speculations that his daughter, Sofia Firdous, may vie for the Barabati-Cuttack Assembly seat in the upcoming 2024 general elections in Odisha. Congress is reportedly considering fielding her as their candidate.

Following his return from Delhi, Moquim held meetings with party members to discuss this matter. Some political figures have suggested nominating Sofia for the Cuttack Assembly seat.

In response, Moquim stated that decisions benefiting the Congress party would be prioritized. Notably, the Supreme Court recently issued a stay on Moquim’s punishment in the ORHDC case, thereby averting his arrest. However, there has been no notice issued regarding his conviction in this matter, rendering him ineligible to contest in the elections.

Consequently, it is speculated that his daughter, Sofia Firdous, may stand in his place for the Cuttack-Barabati seat. This interim relief from the Supreme Court has added a layer of complexity to the political dynamics surrounding Moquim’s potential candidacy.

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