Naveen lambasts former Kendrapara MP, urges support for BJD candidates

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Bhubaneswar,(Reporterspen) May 27: Kendrapara witnessed a striking turn of events as CM Naveen took aim at the former MP during his campaign on Monday. Naveen, addressing the crowd, criticized the ex-MP for his alleged lack of contribution to the region, accusing him of prioritizing personal gains over public welfare.

Asserting that the former MP had failed to fulfill his responsibilities to Kendrapara, Naveen urged voters to support BJD candidates, symbolized by the double conch, in the upcoming elections.

Joining the chorus, BJD strategist Karthik Pandian also targeted the former MP, accusing him of neglecting Kendrapara’s development and focusing solely on his personal interests. Pandian claimed that the ex-MP had used his position to enrich himself and his company, disregarding the welfare of the people.

Pandian further alleged that the former MP had spread malicious rumors about the CM’s health through his TV channel, undermining the efforts of the government for the state’s progress.

In contrast, Pandian emphasized the CM’s commitment to Kendrapara’s development, citing initiatives such as attracting investment from Nippon Steel, the world’s largest steelmaker, as evidence of Naveen’s dedication to the region’s prosperity.

Pandian reassured the crowd of the CM’s well-being and urged them to support Naveen in his endeavors for the state’s advancement, dismissing the rumors propagated by selfish individuals.

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