Odisha braces for prolonged heatwave: Warning extends till April 28

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), April 24: Bhubaneswar, April 24: Odisha is poised to endure one of its lengthiest stretches of extreme heat in recent memory, with heatwave warnings persisting until April 28.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) midday bulletin on Wednesday foretells a 4-6°C rise in daytime temperatures across many parts of the state over the next 4-5 days. Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable, with temperatures expected to soar above 40°C due to prevailing dry northwesterly to westerly airflows and intense solar radiation.

Between April 5 and 23, Odisha has already encountered 11 heatwave days, surpassing the typical range of four to eight days. Despite sporadic thunderstorm activity leading to localized temperature drops, coastal regions have endured nine consecutive days of heatwave conditions.

IMD scientist Umashankar Das remarked to the media, “If this trend persists, it would mark one of the lengthiest heatwave spells in the state over the past 10 to 15 years.”

In a momentary respite, Bhubaneswar experienced relief from scorching temperatures this afternoon as thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds swept through. Prior to this, the mercury had climbed to 43.2°C by 2:30 pm. Additionally, five other locations reported temperatures exceeding 40°C: Jharsuguda (42.9°C), Chandbali (42.2°C), Balasore (41.4°C), Rourkela (40.8°C), and Sambalpur (40.1°C).
Severe heatwave conditions are anticipated at isolated spots in Gajapati and Ganjam amidst ongoing warnings.

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