Odisha’s 5T Chairman Condemns BJP’s Plans, advocates for state’s development

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), May 28: Reports indicate that in a meeting held on Tuesday, 5T Chairman Karthik Pandian criticized the BJP for what he termed as nine self-goals. Pandian emphasized that the people of Odisha reject the politicization of Lord Jagannath and the temple.

He highlighted instances where leaders and Union Ministers from outside Odisha allegedly disrespected the Chief Minister, which did not sit well with the people of the state. Pandian claimed that the BJP aims to halt Mission Shakti and replace it with the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, neglecting the inclusive benefits of the BSKY scheme.

Pandian underscored the initiatives taken by the Naveen government for the youth sector, including the establishment of 5T schools, colleges, and a dedicated youth budget. He criticized the BJP’s purported lack of focus on youth welfare in its election manifesto.

Furthermore, Pandian mentioned the Chief Minister’s formation of SDC for tribal identification, contrasting it with the BJP’s alleged intentions to discontinue such efforts. He argued that the current peace in Odisha is a result of the BJD’s governance, warning against potential unrest under a BJP-led government.

Pandian concluded by mentioning the BJP’s surprise at the BJD’s promise of free electricity in its election manifesto.

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