PM Modi accuses BJD of mismanagement, promises transparency in Odisha

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen), May 20: Continuing his criticism of the BJD government in Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented the state’s poverty despite its abundant natural resources during a rally in Angul on Monday.

Expressing concern over the state’s governance, Modi blamed the BJD government for mismanagement and corruption, alleging that a few individuals had hijacked the Chief Minister’s Office. He accused the BJD of hindering the benefits of Odisha’s mineral wealth from reaching the people.

Modi highlighted the positive impact of his government’s mining policy introduced in 2014, which increased royalty payments to Odisha. He emphasized the creation of the District Mineral Fund to ensure local development from mining revenues. However, he accused the BJD of misusing these funds, particularly in Dhenkanal region.

Turning to the issue of the missing keys of the Ratna Bhandar at the Shree Jagannath Temple, Modi criticized the BJD government’s failure to address the issue over the past six years. He alleged that the BJD was hiding crucial information related to the investigation, promising to reveal the truth once the BJP formed the government in Odisha.

Asserting the importance of preserving Odisha’s heritage, Modi pledged to appoint a Chief Minister from the state under a BJP government. He announced June 10th as the date for the swearing-in ceremony of the new government, promising rapid development under a “double-engine government.”

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