Raging flames: Similipal forest fire spreads, endangers wildlife

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Baripada, (Reporterspen), April 27: Reports indicate that the forest fire in Similipal is intensifying day by day, with flames raging both day and night.

The fire is spreading across hills, engulfing the area in smoke and posing a threat to the entire environment. On Saturday, fires were reported at 42 points in Similipal, and as of this morning, 35 points within the sanctuary are ablaze. The Rapid Climate Change Fund (RCCF) reported 22 fire outbreaks in North Similipal and 13 in South Similipal.

Efforts to extinguish the flames involve the deployment of forest department staff and the Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force (ODRAF). Around 300 squads have been mobilized for firefighting operations. However, the fire poses a danger to both wildlife and valuable trees within the sanctuary. Awareness programs have been conducted at 284 locations to educate the public about the situation.

As a result of the forest fire, many wild animals are fleeing to settlements, risking their lives when encountering hunters or villagers. To protect these animals, residents are being urged to alert the forest department immediately upon sighting them near villages.

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