Young man’s body found under mysterious circumstances in Boudh

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Boudh, (Reporterspen), April 20: A young man was discovered dead under puzzling circumstances behind Goudadei temple, within the Baghiapada outpost and Adarsh police limits in Boudh district on Saturday. The victim, identified as Bibhisana Maharathy from Jamapali village, allegedly fell victim to a brutal attack, his body then discarded by unknown perpetrator(s).

Bibhisana had reportedly left home last night for personal errands but failed to return, prompting his family to launch a frantic search. Sadly, their efforts proved fruitless until Bibhisana’s lifeless body was found the following morning.

Local residents stumbled upon Bibhisana’s body, lying in a pool of blood. The family has confirmed his identity.

Traces of blood leading to a nearby secluded house suggest foul play, indicating the possibility of the youth being murdered elsewhere and then transported to the temple grounds. The mentioned house remains locked from the outside, according to a police official.

Upon receiving the report, Baghiapada police arrived at the scene and secured the body. An unnatural death (U/D) case has been filed, and an investigation is currently underway to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Bibhisana’s tragic demise.

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