Thousand years old Shivling found at Sahupada near puri

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Bhubaneswar, (Nalini Rout): Our past generations has lived in a devotional atmosphere, history reveals the secret of our culture. Thousands year old Shivling found at Sahupada village near Kanas, 40 KMs distance from Puri, JagannathDham. A farmer while ploughing his field discovered this huge Shivling. This could have been a site of worship thousands of years ago.ASI and state government must be renovation and research about that matter. This site may have a historical, archeological connection with Puri, Jagannath Dham & Bhubaneswar,Temple City. So it’s very important for us to need more study our rich culture.
Odisha knows as land of Deva Bhumi, Lord Jagannath & Lord Siva both are living in here. so our past generations had gained the god’s secret supreme power of ethics. That the main reason they foundations temples in several places. In few days ago almost 500 years old temple submerged in Mahanadi River. And also In Odisha’s Nayagarh, an ancient temple, which was submerged in Mahanadi River, has resurfaced. The temple is believed to be around 450 to 500 years old. A destroyed temple of Lord Shiva, located in forest of Majhiyakhanda Dhuanali which is 30kms from Ranapur, Nayagarh. The temple is very old. It’s must be 1000 years.

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