Commissionerate Police arrests seven for impersonating police in robbery spree

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Bhubaneswar, (Reporterspen) April 23: The Commissionerate Police apprehends seven members of a notorious gang involved in impersonating police officers to carry out thefts, commonly known as the ‘fake police cheating and snatching’ gang.

During the operation, authorities seized a significant amount of cash totaling Rs 3.5 lakh, along with gold ornaments, gemstones, vehicles, mobile phones, and various incriminating documents from the possession of the arrested individuals.

The arrested suspects, identified as Sadekh Hussain, Sabir Ali, Fayaz Hussain, Hasan Ali, Abuzar Ali, Zahir Ali, and Rajendra Kumar Kushabaha, hail from different districts in Madhya Pradesh.

Sadekh Hussain serves as the leader of the gang, while Rajendra Kumar Kushabaha operates as the gang’s driver.

The arrests come in response to a series of reported incidents of “fake police cheating and snatching” over the past three months, primarily targeting elderly individuals during their outings. The gang members, proficient in Hindi, impersonated police officers to carry out their crimes.

Following a meticulous investigation into these cases and closely observing the gang’s modus operandi, Bhubaneswar UPD successfully apprehended the entire gang, leading to the recovery of the stolen cash and gold ornaments.

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